The Ai river in southwest Sarawak (near Lubok Antu) was dammed in 1985, thereby creating a huge 90 kmĀ² lake, the Batang Ai reservoir. The lake is 250km from Kuching, a 4-5 hours drive by car. The only hotel in the area is the Batang Ai Hilton, which is located on a promontory of the lake and is only accessible by boat. Other accomodation in the area is offered by longhouses, for which it is necessary to book a tour. The area is populated by Iban people, many of whom were relocated when the lake area was flooded following the completion of the dam in 1985. The vegetation around the lake consists mostly of secondary rainforest. To see more unspoilt nature it is necessary to go further upriver (for instance with a tour operator). The Batang Ai national park is located about 15km upriver from the dam. It covers an area of 24km and extends into Indonesia, consisting of the Lanjak-Entimau wildlife sanctuary in Malaysia and the Bentuang-Karimun national park in Indonesia.

01 Batang Ai lake 02 Batang Ai lake 03 Batang Ai lake 04 Vegetation 05 Vegetation
06 Rainforest around lake 07 Slim boat 08 Rainforest around lake 09 Lake waters
10 Lake and clouds 11 Lake bank 12 Lake islands
13 Batang Ai lake 14 Dead trees 15 Lake bank 16 Boat heading towards Batang Ai resort
17 Batang Ai lake at sunset 18 Batang Ai lake 19 Jetty and hotel ferry 20 Jetty and hotel ferry 01 Canopy walkway
02 Tropical rainforest 03 Canopy walkway 04 Canopy walkway 05 Tropical rainforest 06 Treetops
07 Forest stream 08 Forest stream 09 Waterfall 10 Waterfall 11 Waterfall 12 Forest creek
13 Treetops 14 Treetops 01 Airasia plane in KLIA 02 Pan borneo highway AH150 03 Pan borneo highway AH150
04 Batang Ai river 05 Boat with tourists 06 Telecommunications tower with antennas 07 Batang Ai Hilton hotel 08 Batang Ai Hilton hotel 09 Veranda of Batang Ai Hilton
10 Jetty of Batang Ai Hilton 11 Jetty of Batang Ai Hilton 12 Batang Ai Hilton hotel 13 Batang Ai Hilton hotel 14 Batang Ai Hilton hotel
15 Veranda of Batang Ai Hilton 01 Jetty and staircase 02 Iban longhouse 03 Longhouse settlement 04 Longhouse interior
05 Kitchen 06 Longhouse interior 07 Iban dancer 08 Iban dancer 09 Jetty and boats
10 Jetty and boats 01 River and dam 02 Power station 03 Batang Ai dam
04 Batang Ai dam 05 Batang Ai dam 06 Batang Ai dam
07 Batang Ai dam 08 Batang Ai dam 01 Sugar cane 02 Sugar cane 03 Sugar cane
04 Sugar cane 05 Sugar cane 06 Ginger flower 07 Ginger plant 08 Lemongrass 09 Lemongrass
10 Curry leaves 11 Curry tree 12 Plant 13 Yellow Allamanda flower 14 Red Chinese hibiscus flower
01 Terung Dayak fruits 02 Sweet potatoes 03 Ginger root 04 Buah Maram fruits 05 Cempedak fruits
06 Durian fruits 07 Dabai fruits 08 Ladies chatting at table 09 Small girl
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