The Batang Ai lake was created in 1985 with the damming of the Ai river. It currently has an area of 90 kmĀ². The power station of the dam has four 25 MW turbines, with a total power generation capacity of 100 MW. The lake deeply extends with its arms into the region, getting close to the Indonesian border. With the flooding of the Ai river area in 1985, the local Iban communities (3000 people of 26 communities) were relocated to higher ground.

01 Batang Ai lake 02 Batang Ai lake 03 Batang Ai lake 04 Vegetation 05 Vegetation
06 Rainforest around lake 07 Slim boat 08 Rainforest around lake 09 Lake waters
10 Lake and clouds 11 Lake bank 12 Lake islands
13 Batang Ai lake 14 Dead trees 15 Lake bank 16 Boat heading towards Batang Ai resort
17 Batang Ai lake at sunset 18 Batang Ai lake 19 Jetty and hotel ferry 20 Jetty and hotel ferry
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