Located approximately 20km north of Semporna the Tun Sakaran Marine Park consists of eight islands (Bohey Dulang, Bodgaya, Sebangkat, Selakan, Mantabuan, Sibuan and Maiga) and the Church and Kapikan reefs. The park extends from southwest to northeast over an area of 18km x 15km. The islands consist of fine white coral sand surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise seawaters.
Most islands are sourrounded by coral reefs, which makes swimming complicated, as swimmers - depending on the tide - may have to walk over coral areas in order to reach deeper waters. The islands of Bohey Dulang and Bodgaya are of volcanic origin while Sebangkat and Selakan were formed from raised limestone platforms. Maiga and Sibuan are sandy cays.
While Sipadan is known as a world class dive site, the Tun Sakaran Marine Park has more biodiversity in terms of species and habitats.
In the entire marine park there are no resorts or other tourist facilities. The islands however are easily accessible by boat from Semporna (30 minutes by speedboat, diving/snorkelling daytrips organised by the diving shops in Semporna) or from the resorts on the Pom Pom or Mataking islands.

01 Bohey Dulang island 02 Plankway to Bohey Dulang island 03 Panoramic view with Bodgaya island 04 Coral reef
05 Jetty and administration buildings 06 Panoramic view from the island top 07 Beach and coral reef 08 Beach
09 Bohey Dulang island 10 Bay with crystal clear seawater 11 Bohey Dulang island 12 Bohey Dulang island
13 Coconut palms growing along coast 01 Side view of island 02 Beach and coconut trees 03 Beach and coconut trees
04 Beach and coconut trees 05 Beach and coconut trees 06 Beach and boat 07 Southern tip of island
08 Beach, boat, sea and sky 09 Beach, boat, sea and sky 10 Beach, boat, sea and sky 11 Western beach
12 Sand bar at southern end 13 Sea and coast of Sabah 14 Sea and coast of Sabah 15 Western beach
16 Sand bar at southern end 17 Sand bar at southern end 18 Sand bar at southern end
19 Sand bar at southern end 20 Side view of island 21 Sea and sky
22 Side view of island 23 Beach with coconut trees 24 Beach and coconut trees 25 Beach and coconut trees
26 Beach and coconut trees 27 Beach 28 Western beach 29 Western beach and northern tip of island 30 Southern tip of island
01 Houses on stilts 02 Houses on stilts 03 Houses on stilts 04 Houses on stilts and boats
05 Island village and coconut trees 06 Boat with fishing sea gipsies 07 Boat with fishing sea gipsies 08 Boat with fishing sea gipsies
09 Boat and island 10 Young girl on beach 01 Diving boats anchored along beach 02 Diving groups with instructors
03 Diving class with instructor 04 Divers in the sea 05 Divers in the sea 06 Diver preparing for back jump into sea 06 Divers in the sea
07 Divers in the sea 08 Divers in the sea 09 Diving instructor in wetsuit 11 Having a break on the boat 01 Bodgaya island
02 Bodgaya island 03 Panoramic view of Bodgaya island 04 Bodgaya island 05 Bodgaya island
06 Tetagan island 07 Bodgaya island 01 Beach and huts 02 Maiga island
03 Stilt house settlement 04 Beach and huts 05 Beach and huts 06 Coconut palm 07 Palm leaves hut on beach
08 Palm leaves hut on beach 09 Chuldren running on the beach 10 Stilt houses in the shallow water 11 Stilt houses in the shallow water
12 Stilt houses and boat 13 Coconut palms in the centre of Maiga 14 Rubbish on the beach 15 Rubbish on the beach
16 Beach with coconut palm trees 17 Kate and the kids 18 Bajau sea gipsy boy 19 Bajau sea gipsy boy 20 Island kids
21 Kate and the kids 22 Kate and the kids 23 Kate and the kids
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