The Tip of Borneo is a rocky headland, a promontory extending into the Sulu and South China seas. The rocks are accessible via a staircase, but to access the sea it is necessary to climb the last few metres. Walking on the rocks requires some skill, because the rocks are quite slippery. The headland is accessible with a paved road which ends in a parking. From the parking it's a 300m walk to a round square on which lies a spherical monument, set up in July 2004. This landmark attracts a good number of tourists, of which most are Malaysian.

01 Road to Tip of Borneo 02 Road to Tip of Borneo 03 Globe monument 04 Globe monument 05 Tip of Borneo
06 Tip of Borneo 07 Staircase 08 Headland rocks 09 Headland 10 Headland
11 Promontory rocks 12 Promontory rocks 13 Promontory rocks 14 Photographer on headland
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