Pulau Tiga is the largest of the three islands of the Pulau Tiga Marine National Park. It measures 1km from northeast to southwest and 5km from northwest to southeast and is located 11km northeast of Kuala Penyu. Access to Pulau Tiga is possible by boat from Kuala Penyu. Since no public service exists, the only way to visit Pulau Tiga is via an organised tour. Pulau Tiga is of volcanic origin and is covered with dense vegetation (tropical rainforest). At its centre are some mud volcanoes, where people can take a bath in mud pools. The sea water around Tiga island is not very clean, especially on the southern side where all resorts are located. The southern beach on Pulau Tiga is relatively unimpressive (very narrow and not so clean). The Pulau Tiga resorts doesn't make a much better impression either, despite the not so low room prices.

01 On the boat 02 Pulau Tiga 03 Pulau Tiga
04 Pulau Tiga 05 Southern coast 06 Speedboat to Pulau Tiga
07 Pier and southern beach 08 Southern beach and resort 09 Beach
10 Dirty sea water 11 Trail and toilets 12 Forest trail 13 Trail to mud volcano 14 Mushrooms
15 Sabah parks base camp 16 Beach area 17 Pulau Tiga beach 18 Southern beach 19 Southern beach
20 Southern beach 21 Pulau Tiga resort 22 Bungalow of Pulau Tiga resort 23 Pulau Tiga resort
24 Red and white wood statue
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