Tawau is a city on the southern coast of Sabah, very close to the border to Indonesia. It dates back to the 1890s, when the area was first settled, and quickly developed into a centre for the export of agricultural products of the region. Nowadays Tawau is the world's third largest producer of cocoa after the Ivory Coast and Ghana. While Tawau is a pleasant town and has a large number of hotels and restaurants, it does not offer much in term of tourist attractions. Most notable is the Al-Kauthar mosque, completed in 2004. The airport of Tawau, which has direct connections to KL, is the closest airport to Semporna and the Malaysian Celebes sea islands.

01 Building block with shops 02 Mosque with golden domes 03 Street 04 Mosque with golden domes
05 Street with shops 06 Building block with shops 07 Sabindo Plaza shopping mall 08 Building block with shops
09 Wisma Persekutuan Tawau federal administrative building 10 Wisma Persekutuan Tawau federal administrative building 11 Bus station 12 Yellow bus
13 Block with shops and Al-Kauthar mosque 14 Green Al-Kauthar mosque dome 15 Al-Kauthar mosque 16 Green Al-Kauthar mosque dome 17 Al-Kauthar mosque minaret
18 Proper dress sign at Al-Kauthar mosque 19 Fishing boats anchored in the bay 20 Fishing boats anchored in the bay 21 Waterfront 22 Building block with shops
23 Pasar Tanjung market 24 Vegetables stall in market 25 Vegetables stall in market
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