The only accomodation in the Tabin reserve is the one of the Tabin Wildlife Resort, which offer a number of (expensive) packages. The resort is located at the western end of the reserve, along the Lipad river. It has a number of chalets, which from the outside look ok, but aren't exactly luxury. There is a central cafe/restaurant building. The entire resort is located on the east side of a small stream (the Lipad river), which enlarges into a pond next to the resort.

01 Trogon hall 02 Trogon hall and staff quarters 03 River lodges 04 Tabin resort headquarter 05 Sunbird cafe
06 Planks walkway 07 Hill lodges 08 Tourists next Sunbird cafe 09 Planks walkway and resort headquarter 10 Hill lodges
11 Jans hide
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