Mataking is a tropical island lying off the coast of southern Sabah, 38km to the northeast of Semporna. Pulau Mataking consists of two islands, a big one (Mataking Besar), 1.4km long, and a small one (Mataking Kecil), just 400m long. At its widest point Mataking Besar is just 300m wide. The Mataking islands are relatively flat with the highest elevation being one or two metres above sea level. Both islands extend from southeast to northwest for 2.5km and are connected by a 600m long sand bar. At high tide the sandbar is almost submerged while at low tide the sandbar becomes very wide. On Mataking there is an expensive, high-end resort which caters mostly for divers. There are two jettys, both of them only available for resort guests. Visitors who come to Mataking by boat and do not stay in the resort may stay on the beaches but are not allowed to enter the resort area in the centre of the island.
Mataking is covered by dense vegetation but there are no coconut palms along the beaches, except for a few ones near the resort bungalows which probably have been planted by the resort.
Tourists who do not stay at the resort usually come with a daytrip by boat from Semporna. These trips take about 45 minutes, also depending on the sea conditions and are offered by the dive operators in Semporna. They cost RM 110-140 in August 2012, depending on the operator. Tourists need to bring their own food and drinks, because on Mataking there are no restaurants or shops accessible for non-guests.
Mataking is beautiful and offers stunning views, especially at high tide when staying on the sandbar. The waters surrounding Mataking are rich in marine wildlife. It is easy to spot sea turtles.

01 Beach with coral rocks 02 Beach with coral rocks 03 Beach on Mataking Kecil 04 Sea, clouds and sky
05 Mataking Kecil island 06 Mataking Kecil island 07 Sandbar 08 Sandbar
09 Sea, clouds and sky 10 Tropical sea and clouds 11 Panoramic view towards the west 12 Beautiful white coral sand beach
13 Crystal clear seawater 14 Sandbar 15 Sandbar 16 Sandbar and sky
17 Sea, clouds and sky 18 Sandbar and sky 19 Sandbar at low tide 20 Tree on Mataking beach
21 Beach 22 Beach with coral rocks 23 Beach at southern end of Mataking at low tide 24 Beach at southern end of Mataking at low tide
25 Mataking Kecil beach at low tide 01 Mataking island and resort 02 Jetty
03 Mataking resort 04 Jetty and boat 05 Boat 06 Resort administration building
07 Resort bungalows 08 Beach with coconut trees 09 Coral rocks at low tide 10 Beach vegetation
11 Starfish 12 Starfish
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