The beaches on Mataking consist of fine, white coral sand and are clean, except for some dry leaves and branches every now and then. The sea water surrounding Mataking is crystal clear. Mataking lies at the edge of a coral reef measuring 4km from northwest to southeast. Swimming is a bit complicated a low tide due to the coral rocks in the water. The best beach is the sandbar connecting the islands, which however offers no shade. Mataking is beautiful and offers stunning views, especially at high tide when staying on the sandbar. The waters surrounding Mataking are rich in marine wildlife. It is easy to spot sea turtles.

01 Beach with coral rocks 02 Beach with coral rocks 03 Beach on Mataking Kecil 04 Sea, clouds and sky
05 Mataking Kecil island 06 Mataking Kecil island 07 Sandbar 08 Sandbar
09 Sea, clouds and sky 10 Tropical sea and clouds 11 Panoramic view towards the west 12 Beautiful white coral sand beach
13 Crystal clear seawater 14 Sandbar 15 Sandbar 16 Sandbar and sky
17 Sea, clouds and sky 18 Sandbar and sky 19 Sandbar at low tide 20 Tree on Mataking beach
21 Beach 22 Beach with coral rocks 23 Beach at southern end of Mataking at low tide 24 Beach at southern end of Mataking at low tide
25 Mataking Kecil beach at low tide
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