A selection of pictures of Kota Belud, a small town in northern Sabah, about 60 Km north of Kota Kinabalu. Kota Belud is famous for its Sunday market, when people from all over Sabah meet to trade goods (mostly agricultural products).
Most of the Kota Belud photos shown here were taken on a visit to the Sunday market. On page two you'll find a few images of downtown Kota Belud.

01 Sabah women selling vegetables
02 Cempedak fruits
03 Cempedak fruits
04 Kota Belud market
05 Fermented rice in yam leaves
06 Chillies
07 Bananas
08 Bananas
09 Knives and swords seller
10 Ladies selling tobacco leaves
11 Ladies selling tobacco leaves
12 Tobacco seller in Kota Belud market
13 Pepper leaves
14 Kota Belud market
15 Peppers
16 Kota Belud market
17 Bananas
18 Betel nuts
19 Betel nuts
20 Kota Belud market
21 Kota Belud market
22 Eatable ferns
23 Banana blossoms
24 Women selling betel nuts
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