Berhals is a rocky island opposite to Sandakan (Sabah, Malaysia), extending for about 4km from north to south. At its southern end there are high sandstone cliffs, falling straight into the sea in some spots. On its eastern side there are two beaches, a shorter one close to the southern end and a longer one close to the northern end. Both beaches are deserted, i.e. have no tourist infrastructure. Close to the northern tip, on the western side there is a village consisting of houses and stilt houses inhabited by local Malaysians. The main attraction of Berhala are its cliffs which offer good climbing opportunities (direct start from the ebach is possible).
In any case at the moment there is no tourist infrastructure at all on the island and to get there it is necessary to charter a boat from Sandakan. There are also fishermen boats but these only make it to the village on the western side of Berhala.

01 Berhala island 02 Berhala island 03 Steep cliffs
04 Steep cliffs 05 Beach 06 Sandstone cliffs 07 Sandstone cliffs
08 Rocky coast 09 Rocky coast 10 Steep cliffs 11 Steep cliffs
12 Steep cliffs 13 Northern coast beach 14 Beach and cliffs
15 Beach 16 Beach 17 Beach
18 Beach 19 Boats and village 20 Southern coast with village
21 Village 22 Stilt houses on polluted beach 23 Polluted beach 24 Village
25 Food shop 26 House on stilts 27 Village 28 Clothes line 29 Stilt house with corrugated tin roof
30 Stilt houses 31 Village 32 Mosque 33 Stilt house 34 Man on boat
35 Polluted beach 36 Stilt houses on polluted beach 37 Clothes line 38 Clothes line 39 Boats on stilts
40 People on jetty 41 Young girls
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