Merdeka square (Dataran Merdeka in Malay, meaning independence square) was formerly known as the Padang and used as the cricket green of the Selangor Club. Next to it are a number of interesting buildings such as the Sultan Abdul Samad building. Completed in 1897 in Moorish style it now houses the Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Arts. Near Merdeka square lies the museum of Islamic arts.

01 Islamic arts museum 02 Islamic arts museum 03 Islamic religious department 04 Islamic religious department 05 Street with food stalls
06 Street with food stalls 07 Tour buses 08 Fountain and Sultan Abdul Samad building 09 Fountain 10 Sultan Abdul Samad building
11 Sultan Abdul Samad building 12 Clock tower 13 Sultan Abdul Samad building 14 Clock tower 15 Police head office 16 Dataran Merdeka square
17 Malaysian flag 18 Dataran Merdeka square 19 Dataran Merdeka square
20 Dataran Merdeka square
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