To the beach and sun enthusiasts Malaysia offers thousands of km of coastline and a multitude of islands with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. The best beaches and the clearest seawaters of peninsular Malaysia are found on the islands off the east coast. The west coast suffers from the high population density and the intense naval traffic through the street of Malacca. Among the islands with tourist infrastructure off the west coast of peninsular Malaysia are Pangkor and Langkawi, both with airports with direct connections to KL. On the east coast of the peninsula are some of Malaysia's nicest islands: Perhentian and Redang. Both have good tourist infrastructure and receive a large number of tourists. Tioman island off the east coast has direct flight connections to KL, but is not as impressive as other east coast islands. The beast beaches in east Malaysia are on the islands off Sabah's coast, especially those around Semporna (Sibuan, Mataking, Sipadan etc.). Sipadan island attracts a huge number of divers because of its pristine waters with excellent visibility. The beaches off Sarawak's coast are relatively unimpressive.

Langkawi photo gallery  - 159 pictures of Langkawi
Perhentian photo gallery  - 95 pictures of Perhentian
Lang Tengah photo gallery  - 55 pictures of Lang Tengah
Redang photo gallery  - 26 pictures of Redang
Kapas island photo gallery  - 37 pictures of Kapas island
159 photos of Langkawi island on peninsular Malaysia's west coast.
95 photos of Perhentian island on peninsular Malaysia's east coast
55 photos of Lang Tengah, a beautiful small island on peninsular Malaysia's east coast
26 photos of Redang island on peninsular Malaysia's east coast
37 photos of the tiny island of Kapas on Malaysia's east coast with pretty beaches and a laid back atmosphere
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