A selection of pictures of Tioman, a big island lying about 40 Km off the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Tioman is a popular tourist spot easily accessible by plane from KL and Singapore. It doesn't have white coral sand beaches, but the sea water is crystal clear and there are many diving sites around the island. Tioman is quite big (20 Km from north to south) and is covered by tropical rainforest. There are many jungle trails and one of them connects the main village on the west coast with Juara beach on the east coast.

01 Flight to Tioman
02 Jungle walk to Salang beach
03 Rocks and sea
04 Jungle walk to Salang beach
05 Lizards fighting on the beach
06 Lizard fight
07 Lizard fight
08 Lizard fight
09 Lizard fight
10 Lizard fight
11 Salang beach
12 Salang beach
13 Salang beach
14 Bat tree
15 Bat tree
16 Bat tree
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