The Trakai castle is located in Lithuania on an island in the Galvė lake, 30km west of Vilnius. The castle was originally built in the 14th century by the grand duke Kęstutis, a ruler of medieval Lithuania. In the 15th century it was further expanded, but stopped being used after that and fell into disrepair. It was reconstructed in the 20th century. The castle consists of a large inner yard surrounded by walls with ramparts and a ducal palace with its residential tower. The castle is accessible via a bridge which connects the island to the mainland.

01 Catamaran and boats on lake Galve 02 Trakai castle 03 Chandelier 04 Inner hall 05 Stained glass window
06 Trakai island castle 07 Trakai castle 08 Lake Galve
09 Castle tower 10 Lake Galve 11 Trakai castle 12 Boat on lake Galve 13 Trakai island castle
14 Trakai castle 15 Bridge to Trakai castle 16 Trakai castle 17 Lakeside boats
18 Bridge to Trakai castle 19 Lake Galve 20 Trakai castle 21 Trakai castle at night
22 Trakai island castle 23 Night view of Trakai castle 24 Trakai castle at night 25 Trakai island castle
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