DFDS operate a ferry service connecting Kiel in Germany with Klaipeda in Lithuania. The ferry leaves Kiel at 8pm and reaches the Klaipeda harbour at 4pm. In Klaipeda a small ferry brings cars and passengers to the Curonian Spit, a long and narrow spit of land with sandy beaches running parallel to the Lithuanian coast. The Curonian spit has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 2000. The Hill of Crosses is located 12km north of Šiauliai in Lithuania. Currently it consists of about 100000 wooden crosses, of which the first were erected in 1831.

01 Kiel-Klaipeda ferry 02 Kiel-Klaipeda ferry 03 Helipad on Kiel-Klaipeda ferry 04 Relaxing on the Kiel-Klaipeda ferry
05 Curonian spit 06 Military ships in Klaipeda harbour 07 Military ships in Klaipeda harbour 08 Tong Xu trailing suction dredger ship
09 Orient Tribune bulk carrier ship 10 Orient Tribune bulk carrier ship 11 DFDS Seaways ferries 12 DFDS Seaways ferries 13 Harbour crane
14 Harbour crane 15 Klaipeda harbour 16 Ferry in Klaipeda harbour 17 Klaipeda harbour 18 Ship chimney 19 Harbour crane and helipad
20 Curonian spit ferry 21 Curonian spit 22 Trail on Curonian spit 23 Wooden hourse in Nida
24 Curonian spit beach 25 Pine tree on Curonian spit 26 Curonian spit sandy beach 27 Beach on Curonian spit
28 Trail on Curonian spit 29 Bakery in the Akropolis mall 30 Ice cream parlour in the Akropolis mall 31 Akropolis mall in Klaipeda 32 Houses in Trakai
33 Hill of Crosses 34 Hill of Crosses 35 Hill of Crosses 36 Hill of Crosses 37 Lithuanian landscape
38 Lithuanian landscape 39 Hill of Crosses 40 Hill of Crosses
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