Vaduz is the capital of the principality of Liechtenstein and the seat of the government, It lies alomg the Rhine and is a very small city, having just over 5000 inhabitants. Vaduz has a few interesting buildings, such as for instance the town hall, the government building, the art museum and the parliament building. Above Vaduz is the castle of Vaduz where the ruler of Liechtenstein resides.

01 Vaduz castle 02 Vaduz castle 03 Vaduz castle 04 Town hall and pedestrian area 05 Town hall
06 Town hall 07 ATM automated teller machine 08 ATM automated teller machine 09 Telephone booth 10 Restaurant and shops
11 Hotel Real 12 Hotel Residence 13 Liechtenstein Kunstmuseum museum of art 14 Liechtenstein museum of art 15 Liechtenstein museum of art
16 Bronze sculpture 17 Tourist office 18 Liechtenstein bank building 19 Liechtenstein country museum 20 Liechtenstein country museum 21 Liechtenstein bank building
22 Government building and St Florin cathedral 23 Parliament building 24 Facade of parliament building 25 Government building 26 Government building 27 Coat of arms of Liechtenstein
28 Government building and pedestrian area 29 Parliament building 30 Parliament building 31 Stamp sticker on ground
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