The area between Phonsavan and Luang Prabang is quite mountainous, although there are many valleys and plains. During the dry season in winter this region gets very dry as it does not receive too much rain. Rice cultivation is stopped and the fields get a light brown colour. Every now and then there are lakes.

01 Pine tree 02 Panorama view of plain 03 Corn field 04 Chinese salad 05 Bush
06 Panorama view of plain 07 Village and dry rice fields 08 Lake 09 Lake
10 Lake 11 Pine tree 12 Winding mountain road 13 Winding mountain road 14 Panorama view with lake
15 Hills and lake 16 Village and lake 17 Village and lake 18 Panorama view of Annam mountains 19 Annam mountains
20 Rainforest 21 Deforestation in Laos 22 Mist in the Annam mountains 23 Mist in the Annam mountains
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