Wat Ho Prabang, also known as Haw Pha Bang, Ho Pha Bang, i.e. the Royal or Palace Chapel, is located at the northeastern corner of the grounds of the Royal Palace Museum. It is a relatively bew structure built in traditional style as the permanent shrine for the Pha Bang (Prabang), Luang Prabang's most sacred image.

01 Southeast facade with Naga stairways 02 Southeast facade with Naga stairways 03 Southeast facade 04 Nhot So Fa spire 05 Main entrance with golden decorations 06 Ornamental window
07 Golden carvings 08 Golden carvings 09 Veranda 10 Carved altar 11 Ornamental window 12 Ornamental pillars with carvings
13 Ornamental pillars with carvings 14 Decorated vault 15 Golden wall carvings
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