Wat Phu (also known as Vat Phou or Wat Phou) is one of the two UNESCO world heritage sites in Laos (the other being the city of Luang Prabang). It is a ruined Khmer temple complex near Champasak in southern Laos, located at the base of mount Phu Kao. Although there was a temple on the site as early as the 5th century, the surviving structures date from the 11th to 13th centuries. Wat Phu was shaped to express the Hindu vision of the relationship between nature and humanity, using an axis from mountain top to river bank to lay out a geometric pattern of temples, shrines and waterworks extending over some 10 km. The site nowadays is a centre of Theravada Buddhist worship.

01 Causeway promenade 02 Baray pond 03 Worship pavilion 04 Worship pavilion 05 Window with stone bars
06 Worship pavilion 07 Gate to worship pavilion 08 Worship pavilion 09 Worship pavilion 10 Walkway and Plumeria
11 Walkway to next level 12 Galleries to next level 13 Nandi pavilion 14 Khmer statue and worshipper 15 Staircase
16 Staircase 17 Staircase and Plumeria trees 18 Terraces 19 Terraces 20 Staircase to upper level
21 Shiva Lingam sanctuary 22 Shiva Lingam sanctuary 23 Apsara bas-relief 24 Bas-relief 25 Bas-relief with Khmer warrior
26 Lateral view with windows 27 Gate 28 Buddha statue 29 Buddha statue 30 Khmer style Trimurti 31 Ruins
32 Columns 33 Cliff 34 Rear view of sanctuary 35 Shiva Lingam sanctuary 36 View of plains
37 Panorama view of the plains 38 Buddha statue 39 Bas-relief 40 Bas-relief 41 Apsara bas-relief
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