Coffee was introduced to the Bolaven plateau in the early 20th century by the French, who rightly assumed that the altitude and the climate would be ideal for coffee cultivation. Nowadays there are coffee plantations everywhere on the Bolaven plateau, from small family-run farms to larger estates.

01 Coffee plants 02 Coffee plants 03 Coffee berries 04 Coffee berries 05 Coffee plants
06 Coffee berries and leaves 07 Coffee berries 08 Coffee flowers 09 Coffee flowers 10 Coffee plants
11 Coffee plants 12 Coffee berries and leaves 13 Coffee plants 14 Coffee plants 15 Coffee berries 16 Coffee berries
17 Coffee flowers 18 Coffee berries 19 Green coffee berries 20 Green coffee berries 21 Coffee plantation owner
22 Coffee beans drying in net 23 Harvested coffee berries in net 24 Harvested coffee berries 25 Nets 26 Harvested coffee berries
27 Harvested coffee berries 28 Coffee beans being dried 29 Coffee beans being dried
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