The Ajloun castle is a fortress built on the site of an older monastery in 1184-85 by Izz al-Din Usama, a commander of Saladin, to protect the region from crusader attacks. Over the centuries the castle was expanded, ransacked by the Mongols, rebuilt and suffered earthquake damage in 1837 and 1927. The castle has been restaurated recently and is very interesting from an architectural point of view. From the castle top visitors enjoy views over the Jordan river valley.

01 Moat bridge 02 Ajloun castle 03 Door 04 Corridor with staircase 05 Corridor with staircase
06 Corridor 07 Staircase 08 Room with arrowslit 09 Staircase 10 Corridor with staircase 11 Watchtower 12 Watchtower
13 Ramparts ruins 14 Ramparts ruins 15 Arched roof 16 Arched roof 17 Ramparts
18 Ramparts 19 Ramparts ruins 20 Inner court 21 Ajloun castle 22 Arrowslit
23 Ajloun castle 24 Ajloun castle
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