The Senso-ji Kannon temple in northern Tokyo's Asakusa district is the most revered Buddhist shrine in Tokyo. The first temple for the Kannon deity was set up in 645 AD. The temple withstood the earthquake of 1923 but was largely destroyed in World War II and was subsequently rebuilt. Access to the temple takes place through a long alley lined with shops (socalled "shopping street") which leads to the Hozomon main gate. On the temple compound are a number of pagodas and buildings.

01 Shopping street 02 Shopping street 03 Hozomon main gate and lanterns 04 Hozomon main gate and lanterns 05 Hozomon gate pillars and lanterns
06 Hozomon gate pillars and lanterns 07 Black and golden lantern 08 Five storied pagoda 09 Hozomon gate side view 10 Hozomon gate roof
11 Hozomon gate roof 12 Sensoji main building 13 Main building interior 14 Prayer papers 15 Prayer papers 16 Main building interior
17 Main building interior 18 Bronze Buddha statue 19 Bronze Buddha statue 20 Pavilion 21 Pavilion 22 Ornamental roof
23 Five storied pagoda 24 Kabuki figure
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