Tokyo station is located in the Marunouchi area in central Tokyo, near the imperial palace and the Ginza district. It is the busiest station in Japan and the start and end point for most of Japan's Shikansen lines. The station opened in 1914. On the Marunouchi side there is still the original bulding, while on the opposite Yaesu side there is a modern building.

01 Tokyo station Marunouchi side 02 Tokyo station Yaesu side 03 Timetable board and railing 04 Timetable board 05 Corridor and people
06 Corridor and people 07 Hikari Shinkansen train 08 Hikari Shinkansen train 09 Platform and escalator 10 Drinks dispenser 11 Food stall
12 Queuing up at the food stall 13 Platform and timetable 14 Platform and timetable
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