The Meiji Jingu shrine, located in a wooded park area next to Yoyogi Park, is Tokyo's most important Shinto shrine. It was built in 1920 to house the remains of the Meiji emperor and his wife. It quickly became a pilgrimage centre for Japan's right wing militarists, was destroyed by the USA in 1945 and rebuilt in 1958. The shrine is an interesting, peaceful and worthwhile visiting destination in western Tokyo.

01 Wooden Torii gate 02 Sake rice wine barrels 03 Sake rice wine barrels 04 Lantern 05 Japanese in suits and kimono
06 Wooden Torii gate and court 07 Wooden Torii gate 08 Ablution fountain with bamboo cups 09 Pavilion to inner sanctuary 10 Pavilion to inner sanctuary
11 Panoramic view of inner court 12 Votive tablets for personal prayers 13 Votive tablets for personal prayers 14 Gate to inner sanctuary 15 Front doors to the inner sanctuary
16 Praying pilgrims 17 Inner sanctuary pavilion 18 Bronze roof of inner sanctuary pavilion 19 Bronze roof of inner sanctuary pavilion 20 Japanese schoolgirls in uniform
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