Some photos of central Osaka, the area south of the Yodo river roughly spreading between the Namba and Umeda districts. This is mostly an area with modern buildings, skyscrapers and business parks. The roof of the Umeda Sky building is accessible and offers nice views of the city of Osaka.

01 Skyscraper 02 Square with office buildings 03 Stairs 04 NHK skyscraper 05 Nagame business park
06 Bridge and building 07 Crystal tower 08 Osaka-jo hall 09 Twin towers 10 Crystal tower
11 Business district with skyscrapers 12 Crystal tower signboard 13 Business district with skyscrapers 14 Business district with skyscrapers
15 Entrance to Yodobashi-Umeda mall 16 Umeda Sky building 17 Umeda Sky building 18 Umeda Sky building 19 Fountain with metal cylinders 20 Umeda Sky building
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