South of Siracusa lies a large bay which is delimited by the Ortigia island and Plemmirio nature reserve promontory. The Maniace castle is strategically located at the southern tip of Ortigia island. It was constructed between 1232 and 1240 by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II and is one of the most important buildings of the Hohenstaufen kingdom (socalled "Swabian period"). The castle is nowadays open for tourists, but is relatively unimpressive as the interiors are empty and undergoing restoration.

01 Bay of Syracuse 02 Waterfront at sunset 03 Waiting for the sunset 04 Ortigia island at sunset
05 Bay of Syracuse at sunset 06 Bay of Syracuse 07 Bay of Syracuse
08 Castello Maniace castle 09 Castello Maniace gate 10 Castello Maniace castle 11 Corridor in Castello Maniace 12 Castello Maniace castle
13 Castello Maniace castle 14 Castello Maniace castle
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