Mt Etna is a large and active stratovolcano lying in the east of Sicily, north of Catania. With an altitude of 3329m it is Europe's tallest volcano. Mt Etna is accessible by a road with ends at the Rifugio Sapienza hotel at 1900m altitude. With a cablecar visitors can reach an altitude of 2500m. To proceed further from there a guide is necessary. In winter Mt Etna is covered with snow and is a skiing area. Eruptions of different types have been occuring relatively frequently. The most destructive eruption in historic times took place in 1669 and destroyed 10 villages before stopping in front of Catania.

01 Rifugio Sapienza 02 Etna cablecar base station 03 Snow covered slopes 04 Snow covered slopes 05 Snow covered Mt Etna
06 Snow covered slopes 07 Snow covered lava rock 08 Snow covered Mt Etna 09 Snow covered Mt Etna 10 Slopes at 2600m altitude
11 Slopes at 2600m altitude 12 Snow fields on Mt Etna 13 Snow covered slope 14 Lava stone
15 Snow covered slopes 16 Slopes at 2600m altitude 17 Slopes at 2600m altitude 18 Mt Etna summit
19 Snow covered Mt Etna 20 Snow covered Mt Etna 21 Panoramic view of Mt Etna and Mediterranean sea 22 Snow and sun
23 Volcanic rock 24 Smoking rock 25 Small crater 26 Volcanic rock landscape
27 Mt Etna slope 28 Craters 29 Crater 01 View of snow covered Mt Etna
02 View of Mt Etna from Taormina 03 Sicilian plains and Mt Etna 04 Snow covered summit of Mt Etna 05 Reed bush
06 Reed bush and Mt Etna 07 Reed bush and Mt Etna 08 Northwest view of Mt Etna 09 Sunset view of Mt Etna from Taormina
10 Sunset view of Mt Etna from Taormina 01 St Mary church in Zafferana 02 Townhall in Zafferana 03 St Mary church interior 04 St Mary church interior
05 Roma street, Zafferana Etnea 06 Tree 07 Volcanic rock slope 08 SP 92 road to Mt Etna 09 SP 92 road to Mt Etna
10 Trees on Mt Etna in winter
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