The basilica of St Peter in Rome attracts catholic pilgrims from all over the world. The church dates back to the 2nd century A.D., when a first building was erected over the grave of the apostle Peter. The first basilica was built in 349 by emperor Constantin. Construction of the actual church was started in 1506 by pope Julius II and took over 100 years to complete. The spectacular 136 m large cupola is based on a design by Michelangelo.

01 St Peter church
02 St Peter church
03 Cupola
04 St Peter church
05 Cupola
06 Statues
07 Front side of St Peter church
08 Statues
09 Roof
10 Church interior
11 Floor
12 Church interior
13 Roof
14 Roof
15 Cupola
16 Cupola
17 Cupola
18 Pillar
19 Painting
20 Statue of apostle Peter
21 Pieta by Michelangelo
22 Bernini bronze baldachin
23 Church interior
24 Pillar top
25 Statue
26 Pope Innocentius statue
27 Sistine chapel
28 Sistine chapel
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