The city of Pisa, situated in Italy's Tuscany region along the Arno river, is famous mainly for its leaning tower. Of interest are also the cathedral on the Campo dei Miracoli field and the Scuola Normale Superiore university. In the middle ages Pisa was a city republic competing for trade routes and influence in the Mediterranean sea with the other seafaring city republics of Genoa and Amalfi.

01 Leaning tower
02 Leaning tower
03 Leaning tower
04 Leaning tower
05 Campo dei Miracoli
06 Cathedral lateral view
07 Battistero
08 Battistero
09 Battistero roof
10 Battistero detail
11 Cathedral
12 Cathedral
13 Cupola of Cathedral
14 Cathedral facade
15 Cathedral interior
16 Cathedral roof
17 Cathedral roof
18 Cathedral pulpit
19 Cathedral altar
20 Grave of cardinal Scipionis
21 Cathedral detail
22 Normale University
23 Facade detail of Normale University
24 Facade detail of Normale University
25 Normale University
26 Normale University
27 Narrow street
28 Narrow street
29 Arno riverfront
30 Train station
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