The Jameh mosque (Friday mosque) dominates the old town with its imposing tiled portal and the two 48m tall minarets, the tallest in Iran. It was built in the 14th century. The Bogheh-ye Seyed Roknaddin mausoleum (also spelt as Bogheh-ye Sayyed Roknaddin) is the tomb of the local Islamic notable Seyed Roknaddin. It has a pictoresque blue dome and was built in the 14th century.

01 Mosque portal 02 Hazireh mosque portal and minarets 03 Minarets - Hazireh mosque 04 Hazireh mosque portal and minarets 05 Shrine interior 06 Shrine interior 07 Islamic patterns on ceiling
08 Ilamic patterns on door of Jameh mosque 09 Mihrab in Jameh mosque 10 Jameh mosque prayer hall 11 Mihrab in Jameh mosque 12 Persian carpet in Jameh mosque 13 Jameh mosque portal
14 Bogheh-ye Seyed Roknaddin mausoleum 15 Jameh mosque portal 16 Jameh mosque portal 17 Jameh mosque portal 18 Jameh mosque portal
19 Jameh mosque 20 Jameh mosque dome 21 Bogheh-ye Seyed Roknaddin mausoleum and Hazireh mosque 22 Woman walking past mosque portal
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