The Narenjestan museum consists of the Bagh-e Narenjestan (a small garden) and the adjacent Naranjestan-e Ghavam pavilion. Both were set up by a wealthy Qajar era Shirazi family between 1879 and 1886. The pavilion has richly decorated rooms, with mosaic-mirror walls, intricate tiles and inlaid wooden panels. During the 1950s it hosted the Asian Institute directed by Professor Pope, It is nowadays a tourist attraction in Shiraz.

01 Main entrance 02 Bagh-e Narenjestan garden 03 Bagh-e Narenjestan garden 04 Bagh-e Narenjestan garden 05 Ghavam house 06 Room with stained glass windows
07 Decorated niche 08 Ornamental ceiling 09 Ornamental ceiling and windows 10 Decorated niche 11 Ornamental ceiling
12 Glass door 13 Mirror mosaic room 14 Bagh-e Narenjestan garden 15 Iranian girl in traditional Shirazi dress 16 Iranian girl in traditional Shirazi dress 17 Room
18 Frescoes on ceiling 19 Bagh-e Narenjestan garden 20 Qajar era painting on tiles 21 Qajar era clothing
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