Arg-e Karim Khan, or the citadel of Karim Khan, was the residence of Karim Khan who ruled Iran between 1750 and 1779 and founded the Zand dynasty. It was built between 1766 and 1767 and resembles a square fortress with four 14m high circular towers at each corner. The walls are 12m high and enclose an area of 4000 sqm. Inside the citadel lies an inner court with citrus trees. Inside the rooms there were paintings made with gold powder, which however were largely destroyed when the Arg-e Karim Khan was used as a prison for a number of years. A (no longer in use) public bath is located in the compound.

01 Citadel walls at dusk 02 Citadel walls at dusk 03 Citadel walls at dusk 04 Fortress at dusk
05 Citadel at night 06 Citadel at night 07 Inner court facades 08 Inner court facades
09 Painted vault 10 Stained glass window 11 Painted vault 12 Citrus trees in inner court 13 Dome vault
14 Public bath 15 Public bath 16 Dome vault 17 Public bath
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