The Hazrat-e-Masoumeh shrine (aka Fatima Masumeh shrine) is the physical and spiritual centre of Qom. It's the burial place of Fatima Masuomeh, the sister of the eighth Imam 'Ali al-Rida and the daughter of the seventh Imam Musa al-Kadhim. Fatima Masumeh is honored as a saint and her shrine is one of the most significant Shia shrines in Iran. The shrine has several inner courtyards, two huge golden domes and various beautifully decorated minarets. There is an entrance for men and one for women. Non-muslims may enter the shrine if accompanied by a muslim. Construction of the shrine began in the ninth century.

01 First inner court and iwan 02 First inner court 03 Fountain 04 Inner court with fountain 05 Minaret 06 Imam and pilgrim
07 Women in black chador 08 Women in black chador 09 Imam 10 Gold green iwan 11 Golden roof 12 Golden roof on iwan
13 Golden roof 14 Second inner court 15 Blue iwan 16 Second inner court
17 Second inner court 18 Golden dome and minarets 19 Minarets 20 Golden dome and minaret 21 Minarets
22 Minaret 23 Islamic patterns 24 Exit 25 Fatima Masumeh shrine at dusk 26 Men entrance at dusk 27 Men entrance
28 View of shrine from Astane square 29 View of shrine from Astane square 30 Fatima Masumeh shrine at dusk
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