Hengam is an island along the southern coast of Qeshm, approximately 10km long and 5km wide. The island can be accessed from the harbour of Shibderaz. Here boats bring tourists to Hengam island. It is easy to see dolphins in the sea between Hengam island and Qeshm. The original inhabitants of Hengam relocated to the U.A.E. after the Iranian revolution, so that now the area is populated by Iranians who moved in after that. There is a nice beach and a small market in the spot where the tourist boats arrive.

01 Walking to the boats 02 Boats in Shibderaz harbour 03 Staircase to the boat 04 Shibderaz harbour
05 Shibderaz harbour pier 06 Skipper 07 Dolphins 08 Dolphins
09 Dolphins 10 Boat with tourists 11 Dolphins 12 Young Iranian man
13 Souvenir shop and cafe 14 Souvenir shop 15 Weaved round trays 16 Iranian men on the beach 17 Hengam island beach
18 Hengam island beach 19 Potatoes and onions 20 Beach fruit shop 21 Hengam island beach
22 Hengam island
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