The Geopark is an area of 320 kmĀ² in the west of Qeshm, not far from its northern coast. Tourists leave the car in a parking and walk for about 10-20 minutes along a path. The path leads to a gorge with interesting rock formations. This gets narrower and narrower until it becomes difficult to proceed without climbing on rocks. In the gorge area there are water wells dug into the rock. Most likely the rock formations have been caused by water erosion, i.e. a stream of water cutting through the rock over time.

01 Path to Geopark 02 Sandstone with sea shells 03 Path to gorge 04 Path to gorge
05 Path to gorge 06 Walls with windows 07 Walls with windows 08 Peak
09 Path in ravine 10 Ravine 11 Ravine and water well
12 Chahkooh canyon 13 Shrubs 14 Bushes
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