The terminal for the ferries to Bandar Charak is a modern building on the northern coast. There are a number of shopping malls on Kisk, although the goods offering is a bit limited due to the economic sanctions. The ancient town of Harireh includes ruins buildings dating back to 800 years ago. Most buildings on Kish are quite modern and development is ongoing, although at a far lower pace than in neighbouring Dubai.

01 Shopping mall 02 Building 03 Kish skyline 04 Ostrich 05 Iranian couple
06 Iranian pizza 07 Windcatcher towers 08 Big tree in Harireh 09 Gyrocopter
10 Ancient town of Harireh 11 Colonnade in Harireh 12 Colonnade in Harireh 13 Harireh ancient town
14 Iran boulevard 15 Flamingo hotel 16 Flamingo hotel 17 Alcohol-free beer 18 Bronze bust
19 Bronze busts 20 Kish Trade Center shopping mall
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