The Karaftu caves are located in the Kurdistan province of western Iran, about one hour by car from Takab (between Takab and Saqqez). It's a complex of caves in the sandstone cliff of a mountain, of which some parts are accessible to visitors. To get to the caves, visitors drive along a road and leave the car in a parking. From the parking there is a path which leads to a staircase to the caves. The caves are on different levels and are connected by corridors.

01 Rock formation 02 Valley 03 Karaftu cave area 04 Kurdish youths
05 Rock 06 Staircase to cave 07 Karaftu cave 08 Karaftoo cave 09 Karaftu cave
10 Karaftu cave 11 Cave interior 12 Cave interior 13 Cave opening 14 Rocky mountain
15 Birds nests 16 Karaftu cave area
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