Chehel Sotoon (or Sotoun) is a palace in a park in central Isfahan at the far end of a long pool. This palace was used by Shah Abbas I to receive foreign dignitaries and ambassadors. The name means 40 columns and was derived from the 20 wooden columns which support the entrance hall. The palace contains many frescoes in an excellent state of conservation. It was built during the reign of Shah Abbas I.

01 Entrance veranda and pond 02 Entrance hall 03 Entrance hall 04 Vase with lion heads and women 05 Tile mosaic
06 Decorated windows 07 Mosaic 08 Mural painting fresco 09 Turkestan king reception wall painting 10 Hall with frescoes 11 Decorated roof
12 Chaharshanbe Suri celebration wall painting 13 Persian garden with trees 14 Persian garden with trees
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