The trail between Camp 2 and Camp 3 does not pose particular technical challenges, if done in the summer months when it is free of snow. There are about 1200m of altitude difference to cover and these are doable in less than three hours by reasonably fit climbers. The only real challenge is the altitude in the last part of the trail, because as the air starts getting thin, climbers without proper acclimatisation (probably a large percentage of all people climbing Mt Damavand, who do not have enough time to prepare for the climb) start experiencing altitude problems, ranging from simple weakness and lack of air to altitude sickness in the worst cases. The strong sun and the dry air in the summer months is an additional challenge. It is advisable to have the heavy equipment (tents, sleeping bags, food, cooking utensils etc.) transported by donkeys which are available for rent at camp 2.

01 View of Mt Damavand 02 Hikers on the trail 03 Hikers on the trail 04 View of Mt Damavand 05 View of Mt Damavand
06 Rock formation 07 View of Mt Damavand 08 View of Mt Damavand 09 View of Mt Damavand
10 View of Mt Damavand 11 View of Mt Damavand 12 Inscription on rock 13 Mt Damavand
14 View of Mt Damavand 15 Mt Damavand 16 Hikers climbing Mt Damavand 17 Hiking trail 18 Pile of rocks
19 Hikers resting 20 Hikers descending Mt Damavand 21 Hikers resting for a while 22 Hikers descending Mt Damavand
23 Hikers taking a break 24 Hikers descending Mt Damavand
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