Kefamenanu (also known as Kefa) is a city of 200000 inhabitants in the centre of West Timor at 370m of altitude. It's a regional centre, with banks, hotels and shops and a good base from which to explore the villages in the area. At the outskirts of Kefamenanu lies Maslete, a traditional village consisting of some huts. The only inhabitant seems to be an old lady, the village chief who still lives in the main hut and receives tourists who visit the place.

01 Betel nut seller 02 Betel nut seller 03 Hotel Livero 04 Main street 05 Pavilion
06 Maslete village 07 Hut 08 Hut interior
09 Hut interior 10 Hut interior 11 Hut interior 12 Monument 13 People representative council
14 Hotel Litani 15 Church
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