In addition to Komodo, Rinca and Padar there are another 26 islands in the Komodo national park. Only a few are inhabited, mainly by local fishermen as the islands are quite dry and not suitable for agriculture. Tourist boats from Labuan Bajo bring tourists every day to the Komodo and Rinca islands and to diving spots in the Komodo national park. The stingray point is an area where it is easy even for snorkellers to see stingrays.

01 Sunrise at sea 02 Sunrise at sea 03 Sunrise at sea 04 Sunrise at sea
05 Boat trip at sunrise 06 Papangaran Besar island 07 Papangaran Besar island
08 Village on Papangaran Besar 09 Papangaran Besar island 10 Papangaran Besar island 11 Village on Papangaran Besar
12 Papangaran Besar island 13 Stingray Point 14 Stingray Point
15 Tourist boat at Stingray Point 16 Girls on boat at Stingray Point 17 Stingray Point snorkelling area 18 Tourist boats
19 Sea and islands 20 Sea and islands 21 Sea and islands
22 Old tyre
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