The Komodo national park consists of the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Padar, several smaller ones and a coastal section of western Flores. It is located in Indonesia to the west of Flores island and covers a total area of 1733 km² of which 633 km² are land. It was established in 1980 to protect the Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard who only lives in this region. The islands have a relatively dry climate and have savannah-like landscapes. The park is also rich in marine life, with a large number of cetaceans, fish species and corals. It attracts a growing number of tourists who come here to visit the Komodo and Rinca islands and to dive.

01 Komodo island western coast 02 Boat approaching Komodo island 03 Komodo island western coast
04 Komodo island and boat 05 Komodo island 06 Komodo island 07 Tourist boats anchored in  Loh Liang
08  Loh Liang beach 09 Forest trail 10 View from Sulphurea hill
11 View of  Loh Liang bay 12 Suplhurea hill 13 Treetop 14 Baby Komodo dragon
15 Komodo dragon 16 Komodo dragon head 17 Komodo dragon 18 Komodo dragon foot and claws
19 Komodo dragon 20 Komodo dragon 21 Komodo dragon 22 Deer
23 Male deer 24 Deer resting on beach 25 Deer 26 Tourists walking along path 27  Loh Liang beach
28 Approaching Pantai Merah beach 29 Pink beach 30 Pantai Merah beach 31 Tourist boats near Pantai Merah
01 Sabolan 02 Sabolan island pier 03 Boulders 04 Boulders 05 Hill and meadow
06 Sand beach 07 Crystal clear sea water 08 Sabolan island
09 Crystal clear sea water 10 Shallow sea water
11 Beach 12 Beach 13 Panorama view of sea
14 Sabolan beach 01 Seraya hotel resort 02 Seraya hotel resort
03 Boat and pier 04 Seraya beach resort 05 Bay with turquoise waters 06 Boat anchored near pier
07 Seraya hotel resort 08 Crystal clear water 09 Mangroves 10 Mangroves
11 Swimming pool 12 Beach 13 Beach 14 Coconut palms
15 Spa and boat rental 16 Boat and mangroves 17 Tourist boat approaching the shore 18 Tourist boat 01 Sunrise at sea
02 Sunrise at sea 03 Sunrise at sea 04 Sunrise at sea 05 Boat trip at sunrise
06 Papangaran Besar island 07 Papangaran Besar island 08 Village on Papangaran Besar
09 Papangaran Besar island 10 Papangaran Besar island 11 Village on Papangaran Besar 12 Papangaran Besar island
13 Stingray Point 14 Stingray Point 15 Tourist boat at Stingray Point
16 Girls on boat at Stingray Point 17 Stingray Point snorkelling area 18 Tourist boats 19 Sea and islands
20 Sea and islands 21 Sea and islands 22 Old tyre
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