One of the highlights of Flores is its very varied scenery with many mountains and valleys. The mountains cover Flores almost completely, extending from west to east. There are several volcanoes of which a number are still active. The highest peak on Flores is Poco Ngandonalu, a 2367m high volcano near Ruteng. The second highest peak is Gunung Inerie (2245m), another volcano located near the city of Bajawa close to the southern coast. Due to the mountainous terrain the Trans-Flores highway is in several sections a narrow and winding mountain road, with low average driving speeds.

01 Road from Ruteng to southern coast 02 Mountains and paddy fields 03 Road to Ruteng 04 View towards Labuan Bajo 05 Road Ende-Moni
06 View towards Labuan Bajo 07 Road to Ruteng 08 Forest 09 West Flores mountains
10 Ranamese mountains 11 Ranamese lake 12 Forest 13 Forest
14 Road to Bajawa 15 Forest 16 Volcano in Bajawa 17 Volcano in Bajawa
18 Mountains in Bajawa 19 Gunung Inerie 20 Gunung Inerie 21 Inerie volcano
22 Slopes of Gunung Inerie 23 Volcano in Ende 24 Road works on Ende-Moni road
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