About 40km south of Bandung lies the Rancabali district (also referred to as Ciwidey), a beautiful area of mountains and high plains. It's a rural district with farms and villages, mountains and lakes. Kawah Putih is a volcano crater lake near Rancabali, located at 2430m of altitude a few km south of Rancabali. It covers one of the two craters of Mount Patuha. The lake is highly acid and has a colour which changes from bluish to white-green. Kawah Putih is accessible by road. On the hills south of Rancabali there is a tea plantation, one of the largest in West Java with an area of 1500 acres. Nearby lies the Situ Patenggang lake, a small lake located at 1600m of altitude which due to its fresh climate and pleasant surroundings attracts a number of visitors every year. Along the lake there are shops, cafes and restaurants and boat services are offered.

01 Onion field 02 Rancabali 03 Rancabali 04 Minibuses in Kawah Putih parking 05 Road to Kawah Putih
06 Stone path in Kawah Putih 07 Kawah Putih crater lake 08 Vegetation around Kawah Putih 09 Kawah Putih crater lake 10 Path around Kawah Putih
11 Kawah Putih crater lake 12 Kawah Putih crater lake 13 Kawah Putih crater lake
14 Tea leaves 15 Rancabali tea plantation 16 Rancabali tea plantation 17 Tea leaves 18 Tea leaves
19 Tea leaves 20 Rancabali tea plantation 21 Rancabali tea plantation 22 Situ Patenggang lake
23 Situ Patenggang lake 24 Street in Situ Patengan 25 Situ Patenggang lake 26 Fruits for sale
27 Onion plantation 28 Pertamina petrol station 29 Rice paddy 30 Rice paddy and banana plants 31 Banana plants in paddy field
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