The Peloponnese is a rugged and mountainous peninsula in the south of Greece with an an area of 21549 sq. km. Along its coasts the climate is Mediterranean while it is continental in the interior. The Peloponnese has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The first major civilisation was the Mycenaean one centered around Mycenae in the northeast of the peninsula. During the classical period a number of powerful city states were located in the Peloponnese. After that the Peloponnese was ruled by the Romans, the Byzantines and the Ottoman Turks. In the 19th century the Greek of the Peloponnese rebelled against the Turks and gained independence in 1832.
In the Peloponnese are a number of significant historical sites: the archeological site of Olympia, the temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae, the ancient Byzantine city of Mystras, the ancient city of Messini, the Mycenaean sites of Mycenae and Tyrins and the sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus and the archeological site of Corinth. Nafplio in the east of the Peloponnese was the first capital of modern Greece.

01 Ruins 02 Temple of Hera ruins 03 Ruins 04 Temple of Zeus ruins
05 Ruins 06 Temple of Zeus ruins 07 Temple of Zeus ruins 08 Pillar 09 Broken pillar
10 Ruins 11 Ruins 12 Philippeion circular memorial 13 Philippeion circular memorial 14 Philippeion circular memorial
15 Doric colonnade of Gymnasium 16 Doric colonnade of Gymnasium 01 Lion head shaped spout 02 Clay Roman soldier puppet
03 Sculptured ornaments from Zeus temple 04 Sculpture of centaurs abducting Lapith women 05 Statue of Zeus 06 Heracles taming the bull of Crete 07 Statue of goddess Nike of Paionios
08 Corinthian style column 09 Etruscan style bronze helmet 10 Corinthian style bronze helmet 11 Winged Gorgoneion sheet 12 Shield
13 Bronze Illyrian helmet 14 Griffin protome 15 Bronze lion head 16 Etruscan style bronze helmet 17 Terracotta statue of Zeus carrying Ganymede 18 Modern Olympia
01 Epidaurus theatre 02 Epidaurus theatre 03 Epidaurus theatre 04 Epidaurus theatre
05 Epidaurus theatre 06 Rows of seating in Epidaurus theatre 07 Epidaurus theatre 08 Epidaurus theatre 09 Epidaurus theatre
10 Epidaurus orchestra stage 11 Epidaurus orchestra stage 12 Epidaurus orchestra stage 13 Epidaurus theatre
14 Rows of seating in Epidaurus theatre 15 Rows of seating in Epidaurus theatre 16 Rows of seating in Epidaurus theatre 17 Rows of seating in Epidaurus theatre 18 Epidaurus theatre gate 19 Statue of god Asclepius
20 Ruins of Asclepieion 21 Ruins of Asclepieion 22 Stadium
23 Ruins of Asclepieion 24 Ruins of Asclepieion 25 Ruins of Asclepieion 26 Ruins of Asclepieion
27 Ruins of Asclepieion 28 Ruins of Asclepieion 01 Panoramic view of Cyclopean walls
02 Cyclopean walls 03 Cyclopean walls 04 Ruins of Cyclopean walls 05 Cyclopean walls and corridor to citadel
06 Cyclopean walls and corridor to citadel 07 Cyclopean walls and corridor to citadel 08 Excavations and ruins 09 Walls and tunnel entrance
10 Panoramic view of palace ruins 11 Entrance passage and main gate to acropolis 12 Cyclopean walls 13 Walls and ruins of citadel
14 Panoramic view of palace ruins 15 Panoramic view of palace ruins 16 Panoramic view of palace ruins 17 Cyclopean tunnel in acropolis
18 Cyclopean tunnel in acropolis 19 East entrance of citadel 01 White tent covering temple 02 White tent covering temple 03 Columns under restoration
04 Columns under restoration 05 Doric columns 06 Doric column 01 Main entrance 02 Main entrance
03 Stone wall 04 Main entrance with lintel stone 05 Main entrance with lintel stone 06 Interior chamber 07 Interior chamber 08 Interior chamber
01 Panoramic view of Mycenae 02 Panoramic view of Mycenae 03 The citadel 04 Lion gate 05 Lion gate
06 Lion gate 07 Lion gate 08 Lion gate 09 Grave circle 10 Path to Lion gate
11 Path to Lion gate 12 Palace ruins 13 North quarter buildings 14 Hills and olive trees 15 Hills and olive trees
16 City wall 17 Hill behind city 18 Ruins of temple 01 Anthropomorphic statue 02 Anthropomorphic statue 03 Amphora vase
04 Golden funerary mask 05 Kantharos vase 06 Iron spear points and spearheads 07 Swords 08 Bronze tripod cauldron
09 Jewels and inlays 01 Vrontochion monastery 02 Vrontochion monastery 03 Vrontochion monastery 04 Vrontochion monastery
05 Vrontochion monastery 06 Peribleptos monastery 07 Peribleptos monastery 08 Peribleptos monastery
09 Peribleptos monastery 10 Peribleptos monastery 11 Peribleptos monastery 12 Pantanassa monastery 13 Pantanassa monastery
14 Pantanassa monastery 15 Pantanassa monastery 16 Pantanassa monastery interior 17 Pantanassa monastery interior 18 Pantanassa monastery frescoes 19 Pantanassa monastery frescoes 01 Staircase to Kastro citadel
02 Kastro citadel walls 03 Kastro citadel walls 04 Monastery refectory 05 Mitropolis 06 Ruins
07 Ruins 08 Ruins 09 Ruins 10 Ruins 01 Mountains and forests 02 Mountains and forests
03 View of Mystras hill 04 View of Mystras hill 05 City of Sparta 06 Eurotas river valley
07 View of archaeological site of Mystras 08 View of archaeological site of Mystras 09 Eurotas river valley 01 Walnut fruits on tree branch
02 Walnut fruits on tree branch 03 Walnut fruits on tree branch 01 Watermelon plants and fruits 02 Watermelon plants and fruits
03 Watermelon plants and fruits 04 Watermelon plants and fruits 05 Watermelon plants and fruits 06 Watermelon plants and fruits
07 Watermelons on field 08 Watermelon plantation 09 Watermelons on field 10 Watermelons on field
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