Delphi is an archaeological site in central Greece, lying along the slope of Mount Parnassus and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1987. In ancient times it was a major centre for worship of the Greek god Apollo and the site of the Delphic oracle, the most important oracle in ancient Greece. The area around the temple of Apollo was a panhellenic sanctuary, where every four years Greek athletes competed in the Pythian games, the precursor to the Olympic games. Near the ruins of ancient Delphi lies the temple of Athena Pronaia. The archeological finds of the Delphi site are visible in the adjacent Delphi museum.

01 View of site 02 Road and scenery around site 03 Road and scenery around site 04 Sacred path 05 Ruins and cross
06 Panorama view and sacred path 07 Sacred path below temple of Apollo 08 Theatre 09 Side view of theatre 10 Side view of theatre
11 Theatre 12 Theatre 13 Temple of Apollo 14 Columns in temple of Apollo 15 Columns in temple of Apollo
16 Ionic column fragment in temple of Apollo 17 View of ruins 18 View of ruins 19 Panorama view with Apollo temple
20 View of ruins 21 Stone seating in stadium 22 Stone seating in stadium 23 Stadium
24 Stone seating in stadium 01 Tholos and ruins 02 Tholos and ruins 03 Tholos and ruins 04 Panoramic view of sanctuary
05 Panoramic view of sanctuary 01 Bronze helmet 02 Pair of marble kouroi statues 03 Bronze statue of kouros with broad belt 04 Gigantomachy - north side of frieze of Siphnian treasury
05 Greeks and Trojans fighting - Siphnian treasury 06 East pediment of Siphnian treasury 07 Sphinx of Naxos column 08 Statue of Dionysus
09 White kylix drinking cup 10 Black bronze incense burner 11 Statue of athlete Aghias 12 Column of female Thyad dancers 13 Statue of old man 14 Cult statue of Antinoos
15 Bronze statue of Auriga charioteer
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