The Altmarkt ("old market") is a 100x130m large square in Dresden, located just south of the historic core. The square is used as a parking most of the time. The communist-era Kulturpalast (palace of culture) and the Kreuzkirche church are facing this square. The Neumarkt ("new market") is the large square adjacent to the Frauenkirche. The entire area was destroyed during World War II and only partially reconstructed in the post-war Communist era. After the reunification of Germany, efforts have been undertaken to restore the original, pre-war layout and look.

01 Cycle rickshaws 02 Neumarkt square 03 Neumarkt square
04 Hotel on Neumarkt square 05 Hotel on Neumarkt square 06 Fountain in Altmarkt square 07 Altmarkt square
08 Kulturpalast 09 Altmarkt square 10 Neumarkt square at night
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