The city of Bamberg lies in northern Bavaria in the upper Franconia region along the Regnitz river. Bamberg has a rich cultural heritage and an impressive architecture, not having been destroyed during World War II and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1993. The city was first mentioned in 902 AD and developed substantially in the subsequent centuries. Bamberg has a number of sights, including the cathedral, the Neue Residenz, the Old Town Hall and the Klein Venedig waterfront area along the Regnitz river.

01 Town hall tower 02 Town hall tower 03 Town hall tower facade and balcony 04 Town hall tower roof 05 Town hall tower 06 Facade decoration with statues
07 Painted facade 08 Painted facade 01 Cathedral towers 02 Alley with view of cathedral 03 Cathedral towers 04 Cathedral towers
05 Bell tower 06 Portal 07 Statue 08 Portal detail 09 Rear view with towers 10 Rear view with towers 11 Nave
12 Statues on bas-reliefs 01 Alley with half-timbered houses 02 Alley with half-timbered houses 03 Alley with half-timbered houses 04 Emblem on half-timbered house 05 Half-timbered house
06 Half-timbered house 07 Half-timbered house 08 Half-timbered house 01 Neue Residenz 02 Neue Residenz
03 Neue Residenz 04 Neue Residenz 05 Wall on Domplatz 06 Statue on Domplatz 07 Statue on Domplatz 01 St Michael church
02 Church 03 Obere Pfarre church 04 Obere Pfarre church 05 Obere Pfarre church rear view 06 St Stephan church 07 St Stephan church
08 St Stephan church 09 Carmelite church 01 Building facade 02 Building facade 03 Street
04 Statue of empress Kunigunde 05 Statue group with Jesus 06 Statue group with Jesus 07 Pedestrian area with cafes 08 Pedestrian area with cafes 09 Gate with coat of arms
10 Coat of arms 11 Building facade with windows 12 Aufseesianum catholic boarding school 13 Ebracher Hof facade 01 Riverside
02 Regnitz river in Bamberg 03 Riverside 04 Decorated building facade 05 Klein Venedig riverfront
06 Bridge on Regnitz river 07 Bridge on Regnitz river and Klein Venedig area 08 Bridge on Regnitz river and Klein Venedig area 09 Houses on Regnitz river 10 Klein Venedig riverfront
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