The city of Bamberg lies in northern Bavaria in the upper Franconia region along the Regnitz river. Bamberg has a rich cultural heritage and an impressive architecture, not having been destroyed during World War II and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1993. The city was first mentioned in 902 AD and developed substantially in the subsequent centuries. Bamberg has a number of sights, including the cathedral, the Neue Residenz, the Old Town Hall and the Klein Venedig waterfront area along the Regnitz river.

Old town hall photo gallery  - 8 pictures of Old town hall
Cathedral photo gallery  - 12 pictures of Cathedral
Half-timbered houses photo gallery  - 8 pictures of Half-timbered houses
Neue Residenz and Domplatz photo gallery  - 7 pictures of Neue Residenz and Domplatz
Churches photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Churches
8 photos of the Old Town Hall, one of the most significant historical buildings in Bamberg
12 photos of the Bamberg cathedral, the most significant landmark of Bamberg
8 photos of half-timbered houses in Bamberg (Germany)
7 photos of the Neue Residenz, the former residence of the rulers of Bamberg
9 photos of several churches in Bamberg
City centre photo gallery  - 13 pictures of City centre
Regnitz river photo gallery  - 10 pictures of Regnitz river
13 photos of the historic centre of Bamberg
10 photos of the Regnitz, the river flowing through Bamberg
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